The Brewey Tap located in 'THE SHED' is a traditional old Broads boat
shed on the Peninsular. It accommodates our temperature
controlled 'Cellar' (a 3 metre by 2 metre cold room), where we have
the capacity to hold 3500 pints of beer using our innovative methods
of storage preservation and dispensing (Patent Pending).

Over 50 Fine Real Ales

Milds, Stouts, Porters and Real Ciders all from Norfolk, dispensed
by hand pump or by gravity.

We aim to feature a brew from each of the active
Micro Brewers in Norfolk (currently 28). Beers are priced according
to gravity with prices ranging from £2.00 to £2.95 a pint.
Beers over 5% abv are sold by the half pint.

Take away your favourite beers in HDPE milk containers,
available in 2 and 4 pints. The first containers are supplied free.
If you bring your empty milk containers, rinsed with the labels
removed, not only will we recycle them with all
profits going to a Local Charity, but also you will get a 10p
discount off your pint of beer.

Soft drinks, spirits, lagers and wines, including
Norfolk wines, whiskey from Norfolk are also available.

The Peninsular, Staitheway Road, Wroxham, Norfolk NR12 8TH. Tel :01603 781952.       BOOK NOW!!


By Boat

Hire boats: moor in the Broads Tours Basin and walk.
Private boats: telephone 01603 781952 for a mooring in the peninsular Basin in front of the Brewery Tap.

By Car or on foot

Park in the Broads Tours car park and walk towards Norwich (away from Wroxham). Walk down Grange walk to the ALLEYWAY (between the two properties). No car access or parking down Grange Walk. The only parking on the Peninsular is for cottage/mooring occupiers.

Disabled parking available next to the Brewery Tap